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At The Movement Chiropractic we utilize state-of-the-art technology to assess the nervous system to locate the CAUSE of your health concerns. We specialize in families and, in particular, children, because we know that healthy children grow into healthy adults. We are dedicated to serving our community and practice members at the highest level possible to increase their quality of life and help them reach their goals. 


Meet The Team

Dr. Ryan Cason DC

Dr. Ryan Cason was born and raised in the community of Benicia. He was brought to chiropractic after a sports injury during high school. After exhausting all other options for 2 years, he went to a chiropractor as a last resort. After a few adjustments his body began to heal. Although he has no symptoms he continues to get checked for subluxations weekly because he understands that with a properly functioning nervous system he can maintain health and prevent injuries and sickness.

  He Graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA in 2016. While in school he participated in many extracurricular activities and attended many seminars to further his ability to serve his patients. He also participated for 3 years as a facilitator for the largest adjusting training program in the world where he trained hundreds of students in the art, science, and philosophy of chiroprac-TIC. After obtaining all of the tools to care for his practice members at the highest level possible he is returning to Benicia, the community that served him for so many years, to serve. 

Ashley Cason

Ashley Cason was raised in Benicia, Ca. She met Ryan in high school and they were high school sweethearts. She went to collage at FIDM The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and majored in business marketing. She had an fast paced career in the fashion industry and got to travel to many exciting places. Her responsibilities in these roles helped mold her to know all about different business techniques and marketing strategies. 

Ryan convinced Ashley to start a family practice after a year and a half of persuasion and their daughter Charlie being born. He felt now that they had become a family of three it was the perfect time to start a family practice in their hometown of Benicia. She was finally convinced this was the exact right direction for their little family to serve the community that had supported and served them for so long. She then quit her job in the fashion industry and became a full force partner at The Movement Chiropractic. 





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